Dear Baronesses,

Although it is still quite warm here in Houston, officially, fall is here! Schools are back in session and fall clothes have begun appearing on the racks in our favorite shops.Our Fall General Meeting was held on September 13th with a crowd of over 100 members in attendance.   It was a great meeting with lots of visiting, reconnecting, and gathering of 2015-2016 information! The ladies in our 2015-2016 Provisional class were introduced and our first year actives were presented with their VICTORY pendants.

As your new president, I closed the meeting with a reminder that we are all a part of this wonderful organization for a reason: at some time in the past, a VICTORY member recognized in each of us a talent, commitment, and desire to give back to our community. I presented my challenge to step in, step up, and step out of your box and be INVOLVED in VICTORY. You will learn so much, you will make wonderful friends, and you will contribute to the success of our mission to eradicate cancer in our lifetime. I am looking forward to a fantastic year full of energy and fun! Let’s get this party started!


Gigi Harbison, VICTORY President – Home, – Office
281-787-4440 – Cell



The Holiday Shopping Card Sack N Pack
Friday September 25th  10:00 to 4:00
Saturday September 26th 9:00 to 3:00
Monday September 28th: 9:00 to 8:00
Tuesday September 29th:  9:00 until we are finished
ACS Offices

The Holiday Shopping Card Packet Pick Up
Wednesday September 30th 10:00 to 8:00
Thursday October 1st 10:00 to 8:00
Friday October 2nd 10:00 to 2:00
Saturday October 3rd 10:00 to 2:00
ACS Offices

CBB Meeting
Wednesday, October 7 – 11:30am, ACS Offices

VICTORY Executive Board Meeting
Oct. 13th at 11:30am, ACS Offices

The Holiday Shopping Card
October 22 – November 1

The Holiday Shopping Card Kick-Off Parties
October 21-24

CBB Meeting and VICTORY Group Photo Shoot
Tuesday, December 1st – 6:00pm, Pinto Ranch

VICTORY Holiday Party

Wednesday, December 2nd, Home of Jackie and Monty Eubank


Chair: Laura Oden **October 22 – November 1 

The Holiday Shopping Card 2015 is moving into high gear.   
It’s SACK N PACK time.  We can’t do it without you! Come have fun, meet some new people and put our packets together.  We would love to have your help! Remember that working on Pack and Sack is counted towards your addressing hours.  

Friday September 25th  10:00 am to 4:00 pm
Saturday September 26th 9:00am to 3:00 pm
Monday September 28th: 9:00am  to 8:00 pm
Tuesday September 29th: 9:00 am until done
Packet Pick Up will begin September 30thAll active and provisional members are assigned merchant packets which must be picked up at the ACS offices and then distributed to the assigned stores.

Wednesday September 30th 10:00 am to 8:00 pm
Thursday October 1st 10:00 am to 8:00 pm
Friday October 2nd 10:00 am to 2:00 pm
Saturday October 3rd 10:00 am to 2:00 pm

Have time to Help?
Contact these ladies for questions about these sessions:

Diane Walla


Karen Highfield
Kristina Somerville


Diane Johnson
Don’t miss out on this deal.  Take advantage of purchasing The Holiday Shopping Card at the member discount of $70.  For an extra dollar – we will mail it to you.  This discount is good through Monday October 12th. To order your card, contact us by phone at 713/266-2205 or email

Did someone say party?
We have 11 kick off parties this year.  New to our line up are Renovate, Vince, Mariquita Masterson, J Landa Jewelry, Initials Gifts and Monogramming and Maida’s Belts and Buckles.Your support of these events is so important.  Please gather up your friends and come to one of these wonderful Kick-Off parties.


Wednesday October 21st:
7413 Westview
10:00 – noon
Vincent Ford Custom Apparel
1818 Fountain View
2:00 – 6:00
Up Restaurant – Tree Lighting
3995 Westheimer Road
5:30 – 8:00
Thursday October 22nd:
39030 Westheimer Road
10:00 – 1:00
River Oaks District #A19
1:00 – 4:00
Mariquita Masterson
2505 River Oaks Boulevard
4:00 – 6:00
IW Marks
3841 Bellaire Boulevard
6:00 – 8:00
Friday October 23rd:
J Landa Jewelry
2412 Rice Boulevard
10:00 – noon
CITY CENTRE – Band on the Plaza
6:00 -9:00
Saturday October 24th:
Initials Gifts and Monogramming
12454 Memorial Drive
11:00 -1:00
Maida’s Belts and Buckles
5727 Westheimer Road
4:00 – 6:00

Happy Shopping!   

 Watch for all of the upcoming HSC happenings on the website.


CATTLE BARON’S BALL: April 30, 2016

Co-chairs:  Allison Flikerski and Lauren Maloy

We have definitely been hitting the ground running.  Thanks to everyone who helped get us to over $300,000 in underwriting!
To keep things on a roll,
Finance Packets are going in the mail next week, so look for yours in your mail box soon.  If you would like to add a personal contact to the Finance Package mailing list please forward them to us at

We are planning meetings for Finance, Auction, Car Raffle, and Wine Pull chairs over the next few weeks to solidify our fundraising business plans.

Allison Flikerski, Gigi Harbison and Lauren Maloy

Most of our committee assignments have been made.  If you are not sure what committee you are on or who to report to, then email us.

We are definitely excited about finalizing the entertainment and catering choices.  We will keep you posted as decisions are made.
 Make sure to join us on October 7 for our first “Hope on the Range” CBB meeting at 11:30am at the ACS offices.  Every committee should be represented at each meeting.

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Keep up with all of the CBB information on our website.


Jennifer Barron, Membership Secretary
Ashley Wright, Assistant Membership Secretary 

Welcome ladies to another great VICTORY year!  This year we have 30 wonderful new Provisionals, 101 amazing Actives, 77 incredible Active Associates and Associates and 167 super Sustainers. 
Your pictorial directory and pocket directory are both available. If you have not picked them up, they are waiting for you at the ACS office. Please stop by, they are in a folder with your name on it. 
We look forward to working with each one of you and helping you keep track of your VICTORY hours.
Kimberli Bishop, 2nd Vice President 

This year’s class is off to a running start!  We had a great turnout to the Provisional 411 orientation evening in Jackie Eubank’s home.   A big Thank you to our VICTORY members for providing such strength in their recommendations for our 30 new members.. As we embark on this year,  it is exciting to see how the Provisionals have already begun to make an impact.

Stay tuned in the coming months for opportunities to get to know them a bit more personally, but in the meantime, when attending an event, look for the ladies with a the pink dot on their name tags.  Please introduce yourself as these are our newest members and they would LOVE to get to know you!

Brooke Bender
Erica Burns
Laura Didier
Annette Disch
Alicia Easterwood
Angela England
Emily Essaye
Nicola Ford
Elizabeth Garcia
Disney Harris
Sharon Hawkins
Margaret Jenkins
Patricia Kornman
Raquel Lewis
Katherine Mathews
Darci Mulrine
Amy Nogueira
Sara Parr
Lynnae Partridge
Karen Peltz
Katherine Pulse
Kate Raffaele
Kayla Rollins
Rachel Saltsman
Kristin Thrasher
Belen Timmins
Amy Urquhart
Rachel Von Gonten
Anna Williams
Tasha Willis

The provisional class was well represented at the
September General Meeting.


VICTORY NEWS: General Meeting

Ashley Wright, Price DuBose, Sheree Prather, Dee Darby, Becky Joy and JoLynelle Farina

If you were unable to attend the September General Meeting, you missed some exciting news!  A check for over $4 million dollars was presented to the American Cancer Society.  This total was a combination of the proceeds from our Holiday Shopping Card and Cattle Baron’s Ball fundraisers. Way to go VICTORY!

Moving Soon: We have known for some time that the American Cancer Society offices were going to move.  At the September VICTORY Board Meeting, Sheree Prather with American Cancer Society, announced that the move should take place during the first week of November. The offices are relocating to a temporary location at 2500 Fondren, suite 100. The building is located across from the old Vargo’s location. Stay tuned for updates next month.


Dee Darby,

Dee Darby and Jackie Eubank 

Thank you ladies for nominating a great list of prospective Nominating Committee Members at our General Meeting. We now have a full committee ready to take on the task of securing a slate of officers for the VICTORY Executive Board and Special Events Chairs for the 2016 -2017 year.

The Nominating Committee consists of the following members:
Dee Darby, VICTORY President-Immediate Past
Gigi Harbison, Current VICTORY President
Betty DuBose, Current VICORY 1ST Vice President
Becky Joy, Past Special Event Chairman/Cattle Baron’s Ball
Price DuBose, Past Special Event Chairman/The Holiday Shopping Card
Allison Flikerski, Current Special Event Chairman/Cattle Baron’s Ball
Laura Oden, Current Special Event Chairman/The Holiday Shopping Card
Jennifer Barron, JoLynelle Farina and Ashley Wright, Members elected by the General Membership at the Fall General Meeting
As a VICTORY member your input is invaluable, we welcome your recommendation of others that you feel would make good leaders and encourage feedback as to your personal interest in being considered for any of the following positions:
2016 – 2017 Officers of VICTORY
                Vice President
                2nd Vice President
                Membership Secretary
                Recording Secretary        
The Holiday Shopping Card Chairmen
The Cattle Baron’s Ball Chairmen

**Please email your suggestions to me at 

Leslie Rogers

Please join us in congratulating the following VICTORY women on their exciting news.

  • Sidney Short is engaged to Jason Fagan and planning an April wedding in Sewanee, TN.
  • Kelsey Brooks is engaged to Josh Wright.
  • Scarlett Darby is engaged to Kevin Coffman.
New Additions:
  • Shelley Matthews gave birth to a baby girl, Kirby Farish Matthews on September 10.
  • Tany Jeter Klaes had a baby girl,  Mary Frances Klaes, on September 1st.
  • Jennifer Harbison, Gigi Harbison’s daughter in law,  had a baby girl on September 11, Madeline Elizabeth Harbison.
  • Provisional Kayla Rollins gave birth to a baby boy,  Pierce Edward Rollins, on September 4th.
Special Honors:
  • Jo Ann Petersen has been named a 2016 ABC-13’s Women of Distinction.  The Announcement Party will be Wednesday, September 30 at Saks at 7 pm.  The Winter Ball, benefitting Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation, will present the Women of Distinction on Saturday, January 23.
  • Elizabeth Stein has been chosen as a 2015 Greater Houston Women’s Chamber of Commerce Hall of Fame recipient.  The Announcement party will be October 13 at 6:00 pm at Elizabeth Anthony.  Gala information is not available at this time.
  • Elizabeth Stein and her husband Alan are also being honored as one of the Texas Children’s Cancer Center 2015 Community Champions.  The luncheon and Style show will be held on October 9.
  • Meredith Riddle Chastang, CultureMap National Accounts Director, has received Honorable Mention in Houston Business Journal’s “40 Under 40” Awards. Judges scored nominees on leadership, overcoming challenges and community involvement.
September and October Birthday Shout Outs!

Happy Birthday to our September and October birthday members!

Sept. 3          Jennifer Harbison
Sept. 5          Denise Monteleone
Sept. 6          Jean Frazer
Sept. 7          Denise Leisten
Sept. 8          Peggy Swoboda
Sept. 9          Annette Disch
Sept. 10        Stef Levy
Sept. 10        Raquel Lewis
Sept. 11        Wendy Moreland
Sept. 12        Nancy Stobaugh
Sept. 14        Joy Pulaski
Sept. 14        Kristin Thrasher
Sept. 15        Sara Parr
Sept. 17        Elizabeth Fitzgerald
Sept. 19        Debra Hren
Sept. 22        Tany Jeter Klaes
Sept. 22        Morgan McMahon
Sept. 23        Diane Watson Cain
Sept. 23        Elizabeth Garcia
Sept. 25        Katherine Jones
Sept. 26        Diane Cervenka
Sept. 26        Sheridan Walton
Sept. 29        Betty Wiseman
Sept. 30         Mary Katharine Rof
Oct. 1          Karen Linville
Oct. 2          Alyssa Kilpatrick
Oct. 3          Sidney Short
Oct. 3          Shelley Matthews
Oct. 6          Melissa Garlington
Oct. 6          Nikki Wise
Oct. 7          Lauren Lusardi
Oct. 7          Emily Shields
Oct. 9          Lisa Braly
Oct. 10        Cyvia Wolff
Oct. 11         Lynne Jurek
Oct. 11         Wendy Swantkowski
Oct. 11         Sue Nan Cutsinger
Oct. 12         Chandra Bonine
Oct. 13         Jenna Bissell
Oct. 14         Aimée Phillips
Oct. 15         Vickie Lander
Oct. 16         Denise Roeder
Oct. 16         Amy Brown Stargel
Oct. 17         Nicola Ford
Oct. 18         Pam Jones
Oct. 18         Beth Kirkpatrick
Oct. 19         Marilyne Riley
Oct. 21         Lindsey Beard
Oct. 21         Lindy Hill
Oct. 21         Cheryl Fee
Oct. 23         Martha Adger-Madget
Oct. 24         Nory Mims
Oct. 24         Debbie Chenevert
Oct. 24         Liz Frick
Oct. 25         Darby Hopson
Oct. 25         Bette Atkins
Oct. 25         Susan Nelsen
Oct. 25         Suzanne Sklar Simons
Oct. 26         Sarée Mims
Oct. 27         Allison Flikerski
Oct. 27         Franelle Rogers
Oct. 27         Valerie George
Oct. 27         Louise Ratz
Oct. 30         Rene Lummis
Oct. 30         Emily Wilkinson
More News? Have any member news that you want to share?  

Email:  Leslie Rogers –


VICTORY: Thank You

Thank you to Alexander’s Fine Portraits for providing the photographs included in this newsletter.


VICTORY, a branch of the American Cancer Society, is a special group of outstanding women dedicated to raising funds to help in the fight against cancer

VICTORY Houston,
6301 Richmond Avenue, Houston, Texas 77057